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Education Grants & Scholarships! 

College Grants NEW! UPDATED COLLEGE LINKS. A HUGE amount of money is out there for you! Learn how to easily get your share of $17 billion in financial aid, incredibly enough the U.S. Government does  care about Your Education! Over 3 Billion Dollars for College Grants, Pell grants & Scholarships is Given Away. No credit checks or
collateral required. Start Applying Online now! There are Low Interest and No 
Interest Government Loans also Available. There are also Special grants for Research & Technology .

Receive over $50,000 just for attending school! 

You can receive not only money for tuition but also money for books and living expenses too!

There are literally thousands of scholarships available in Public and Private Scholarship Funds.

  • Pell Grants for both US and Non US citizens!
  • No interest and Low interest Loans designed to keep you out of the Poor House!
  • Special Grants for the following recently established.
  • Nursing! (America is currently so short on Nurses that we have to import Nurses from abroad!) Get your Free Nursing Degree Now!
  • Special Grants and Scholarships for minority students. 

Take Advantage of these amazing opportunities while they last!

Free tuition is readily given to low-income families. Go to school free of charge let our Government pay for it. In the unlikely event there are no Grants for you all the information on Low interest and No interest College Loans is provided free of charge with your order. Every order comes complete with actual Government Grant application! You will not be disappointed. Stop wasting precious time and go for your dream!

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