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Research & Technology Grants

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Over 100,000 million dollars in financial aid is currently available from thousands of Foundations and Research and Technology Government Grants - Grants Government Programs all over the United States. Specifically targeted for Research and Technology.

Do you have a new or existing product or, a great idea that you want to get funding for?

Are you a college that is in need of funding?

Where does this money go?

Do any of these challenges and opportunities exist in your business?

  • A new product needs developing
  • A new production process needs development
  • An existing product or process needs new features to be adapted
    for a new market
  • An existing product or process needs to be upgraded to provide new functions or to meet new customer demands

Grants are also available to help develop research and technology skills in your staff, think of it as an investment in your human capital.

The SBIR Program provides up to $850,000 in early-stage R&D funding directly to small technology companies (or individual entrepreneurs who form a company);

The STTR Program provides up to $600,000 in early-stage R&D funding directly to small companies working cooperatively with researchers at universities and other research institutions; 

Small companies retain the intellectual property rights to technologies they develop under these programs. 

These programs enhances the technological capabilities of small business concerns through the establishment or operation of consortia comprised of entities, organizations or individuals; 

They also provide outreach, financial and technical assistance to technology based small business concerns participating in or interested in participating in the SBIR program that make grants or loans to companies to pay a portion or all of the cost of developing Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant proposals; 

They also operate a Mentoring Network within the FAST program that provides business advice and counseling that will assist small business concerns that have been identified by FAST program participants, SBIR program Managers, the Administration (SBA) or other entities that are knowledgeable about the SBIR and STTR programs as good candidates for the SBIR and STTR programs and that would benefit from mentoring. Encourage the commercialization of technology developed through SBIR funding;

Take Advantage of These Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Rural Outreach Programs Now!

The SBIR and STTR programs are two powerful tools that are being used by thousands of small business owners and innovators all a cross the country everyday for harnessing the small business sector's technological creativity and ingenuity to meet government's research and development needs.


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