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Grant Proposal Writing Tips


That's right! We're giving away some FREE SECRETS here - Secrets of How to Write Winning Proposals! From the material in our grant manual, you'll gain valuable insights into the techniques used repeatedly by countless people and companies of all sizes to win government grants, subsidies, loans and contracts. In addition, we're pleased to pass along the following time-tested tips to help you write proposals that are real winners and not just futile exercises in dreaming without accomplishment.

TIP #1. Ensure that your proposal offers a win-win outcome. Your proposal has to clearly indicate how the recipient will benefit from whatever it is that you're offering. This is especially true in making a business proposal to sell products and services, but it is also true in the case of grant-making organizations; they will give higher ratings to proposals that help them meet their objectives.

TIP #2. Avoid making proposals that are simply cover-ups for clearing your debts. If this is your actual purpose (and you'd be looking for a loan in this case), be upfront about it and show how the other party will not only be repaid, but also gain by dealing with you. Even if it's a bank making a loan, the loans officer is human and will want to feel s/he's doing the right thing by lending you money.

TIP #3. If you're looking for a grant, take the time (hours and often days) to research what's available. Applying to the organization with the program that most closely matches your needs makes a lot more sense than sending out proposals willy-nilly.

TIP #4. After doing initial grant research, make an effort to meet someone involved in the administration of the program. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered by the right people and to get a "feel" for things.

TIP #5. Invest resources appropriate to the proposal you are making. In other words, if you're applying for a $100,000 grant, spend more than a few hours on it. Think about this: some organizations, especially educational, virtually live on grants and they have full-time experts who do nothing but prepare the applications. Can you do better than an expert in one-tenth the time? Unfortunately, some people think they can.

TIP #6. Avoid following sample proposals unless they're ones that have been used successfully for exactly the same program/situation you're in. Successful proposal writing means responding exactly to the specific criteria of the program in question. 

The proposal is by far the most critical aspect of the process, so I know you want to use a company who provides you with complete instructions?

It has come to our attention that not all companies are actually providing their customers with a complete Grant Writing Package that they need!

What they are providing instead is a set of general grant writing instructions that were written by the Federal Government and is not very helpful to the average person. There instructions only provide the basics and nothing more. 

The Grant Writing Software that we provide in every package gives you step by step instructions on everything you need to know to apply for and receive the grant money you seek!

There are actual Grant Writing tutorials that you use to learn how to write a winning Grant proposal! You'll be able to compare your proposal with successfully written proposals.

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