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Frequently Asked Questions 

Many of your grant questions can be answered below:
  • Q. Why is there a charge for this Free Government Grant information?
  • A. We do not charge for the grants we charge for the information, because we have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars researching and compiling this information into a program that the average person can easily use and research. The small fees pay for the web space, the staff, and the ongoing research. While we would love to simply give this information away that is simply not practical.
  • Q. What is the limit on the number of Grants I can apply for?
  • A. You may apply for as many Grants as you like under as many different categories as you like! Grant seekers have been known to receive several grants for different projects.
  • Q. I have a great business idea. How much can I get?
  • A. Between $500.00 and $5,000,000.00. Every agency has its limits. Remember you can apply to as many agencies as you want!
  • Q. Will you help me write my grant proposal?
  • A. We do not write grant proposals. We do however provide you with the best and most up to date grant writing software on the market. You may use this software to write your grant. The software contains Grant Writing exercises so that you can easily complete the process on your own.
  • Q. How much paperwork is involved in the grant process?
  • A. Different grants have varying amounts of paperwork depending on the complexity of the grant. One of the first steps is getting all the forms you will need to help you understand the entire process of your prospective grants.
  • Q. Will a poor credit history block my access to grants?
  • A. No. The acceptance of grant money is not dependant on your credit because you will not be paying anything back! You can have a Bankruptcy yesterday and receive a grant tomorrow. There are no credit checks, no collateral required and no co-signers! These are Grants which mean they never have to be paid back!
  • Q. When will I start to receive my checks?
  • A. Checks are dispersed according to the funding body. Depending on the agency. Checks are commonly distributed monthly, quarterly, or annually. Be sure to check with the agency to determine the cycle of funding as specified in your acceptance letter.

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